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horizontale portretfoto Hanna Murray Carlsson

'We have to look beyond ethnicity'

Hanna Carlsson, researcher at the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, wrote a PhD-thesis about how care practices respond to the needs of older migrants in Nijmegen and The Hague. She advocates a local and future-oriented approach and hopes that policymakers stop problematising differences in backgrounds. "Migration-related diversity can also be a source of meaning and belonging." Read more here.

Natascha Wagner en Jeroen Smits kijken ver weg

Global Data Lab is ready for the future

“A pearl,” Jeroen Smits calls it. “A hidden treasure,” says new director Natascha Wagner. Global Data Lab (GDL) occupies a unique position in researching developing countries. The lab’s survival and expansion are now guaranteed thanks to a financial boost from the faculty. Read more here.

Corina Brekelmans en Jan-Kees Helderman

Knowledge exchange crucial for good youth care

Since the decentralisation of government tasks in 2015, municipalities have been responsible of youth care. After a shaky start and a steep learning curve, the future is starting to look brighter, with knowledge pooling and knowledge sharing playing a crucial role. Read more here.

Charan van Krevel kijkt in camera

Opinion: Is reducing consumption the ultimate solution?

Radical solutions are needed in order to combat further climate change — this is nothing new. But who should make the first move and how remains unclear. Governments are increasingly calling on consumers to make sustainable choices, which begs the question: is reducing consumption the ultimate way to stop climate change? Two young economists discuss. Read more here.

Alumni in the picture

Bart Kampschreur (Director Vortex Agency): “Even ‘wrong’ choices can teach you a lot”. Read more here.

Olesia Lelie (International online marketer at HAN): ‘I think it’s important to be honest with my followers’. Read more here.