OO&R duurzaamheidslezing
OO&R duurzaamheidslezing

Research at OO&R

Radboud Business Law Institute has four research programmes: Business and Patrimonial Law, Company Law, Finance, security rights and insolvency, and Financial law.

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Business and Patrimonial Law

This research programme deals with the contract and property law that is relevant for the operation of businesses. This also includes labour law, pension law (asset management), civil procedure law and private law aspects of modern technologies, such as cyber security, data security and digitalisation.

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. W.H. (Willem) van Boom and prof. C.J.M. (Carla) Klaassen


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Company Law

This programme focuses on how companies are created, operate and cooperate. The central themes are corporate governance, corporate litigation and corporate reporting. This includes the various legal forms of companies, their representation, the financing of corporate activities, corporate and executive liability, dispute resolution between stakeholders, and financial and sustainability reporting. This research is conducted within the Van der Heijden Institute.

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. C.D.J. (Claartje) Bulten and prof. J.B.S. (Steven) Hijink

Van der Heijden Institute



Finance, security rights and insolvency

This programme covers two themes that are closely linked. The research on finance and collateral deals with corporate financing structures. This includes credit agreements and security interests, as well as specific figures such as leasing, factoring, securitisation and covered bonds. Insolvency law research focuses on companies in financial difficulties and their options for restructuring or liquidation.

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. P.M. (Michael) Veder and prof. B.A. (Ben) Schuijling


European Central Bank

Financial law

This programme focuses on the regulation of financial markets and financial institutions, such as banks, insurers and pension funds. Its main themes are the functioning of capital markets, investor protection, market supervision, and liability issues. The research has a strong European and functional focus. It combines elements of civil law, European Union law, criminal law and administrative law. The research is carried out within the Financial Law Centre.

The programme supervisors are:
Prof. D. (Danny) Busch and prof. S.N. (Seraina) Grünewald

Financial Law Centre


Publications and Radboud Business Law Institute series of books

All publications are registered in the Radboud Repository. The Radboud Business Law Institute publishes several book series, including the Oxford International and Comparative Insolvency Law Series and the Oxford EU Financial Regulation Series


The institute publishes a jurisprudence journal on Dutch business law in cooperation with Sdu Publishers: Jurisprudentie Onderneming & Recht (JOR). 

More information about JOR

Academic integrity

Research within the institute must meet the standards for scientific conduct, such as the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and the ALLEA European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. Research integrity is promoted in various ways, including the provision of guidelines for researchers.