Prof. M.N.C. Aarts (Noelle)

Professor - Institute for Science in Society

Prof. M.N.C. Aarts (Noelle)
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Toernooiveld 5
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Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Noelle Aarts is professor Socio-Ecological Interactions. Focusing on conversations between people in different contexts, she studies inter-human processes and communication for creating space for sustainable change. She has published on several topics, such as frame construction in interaction about complex and contested life science issues, conflict and negotiation in the domain of nature and land use, dealing with paradoxes, ambiguity and ambivalence, and network building and self-organization for regional innovation and healthy landscapes.
The starting point of Noelle Aarts’ work is the self-organizing capacity of people, constructed and expressed in the conversations they have and the stories they share. Structures arise from people excluding and including other people, resulting in more or less desired changes.

Noelle Aarts is one of the directors of the ‘Centrum voor Dialoog’
(CVD )



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