Dr P.M. Achten (Peter)

Assistant professor - Software Science

Dr P.M. Achten (Peter)
Visiting address

Toernooiveld 212
Internal postal code: 47

Postal address

Postbus 9010

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

I am interested in the application of functional programming languages on 'real world' problems. These kinds of programs impose typical characteristics on the implementation and design of these languages. Here are some of my current research interests:

High-level specifications of interactive applications. Currently we are working on the iTask system (interactive tasks for dynamic, functional work flow systems) for the web. It allows you to develop interactive systems in a concise way without the need to artificially break up the application logic in the way that we know from classic GUI tool kits. Task Oriented Programming (TOP) is the paradigm that has evolved from these research activities regarding the iTask system.

Verification of interactive applications. We are customed to using equational reasoning when proving properties of functional programs. How does this extend to TOP programs? What testing techniques can be used to verify properties of interactive programs? How can formal artefacts such as functional programs and TOP programs be communicated with end-users / stakeholders?

For teaching, I have developed the Soccer-Fun framework. Soccer-Fun is a functional language library developed for teaching functional programming. You can implement the brain of a footballer and create a team of football players and see if your team is the best! Soccer-Fun is open for participation by anybody who likes to contribute.