R.W.Y. van Alebeek (Rein) MSc

PhD candidate - Economic Theory and Policy

R.W.Y. van Alebeek (Rein) MSc
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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Postbus 9108

Since September 2020, I work as a PhD-candidate at the Nijmegen School of Management and the Faculty of Science. I am actively creating mathematical models for application in the social sciences. My particular focus lies on contributing to opinion dynamics (a subfield of theoretical physics) and introducing these concepts into the academic subfields of game theory and mathematical economics. I do so by analysing group dynamics, for example: defining and analysing stable communities within societies; the formation of norms, values and general culture; and the identification of social optima in a game theoretical setting. Mathematically, I aim to contribute novel results in the analysis of interacting particle systems on uncountable state spaces, and integrating these results in a sociological setting.

In 2019, I have received my master's degree in 'Financial Economics' (official ceremony date in 2020). In 2020 I have received my master's degree in 'Mathematical Stochastics' (both at the Radboud University). During that time, my focus was on behavioural economics, mathematically modelling financial markets, the theory of stochastic processes, and mathematical statistics / machine learning. Aside from that, I have a keen interest in physics as well, which I also actively pursued during my studies.

Ancillary activities