Prof. C.W. Anbeek (Christa)

Professor occupying an endowed chair - Textual, Historical and Systematic studies of Judaism and Christianity

Prof. C.W. Anbeek (Christa)
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In her research, Anbeek focuses on disruptive experiences that take place at the personal, group and societal level. She therefore asks herself such questions as: What does it take to abandon chaos and disorder so that you can create something new? What role can consequently be played by communities with a heart? What characterises these communities with a heart and how can we create a blueprint? Important ingredients for communities with a heart are the courage to be vulnerable, dialogue, friendship, play and co-creation.

Feminist philosophers and theologians are major signposts for this research, including Hannnah Arendt, who considers natality, being born and starting anew to be a human trait. Other scholars include Adriana Cavarero, who expands on Arendt’s work and rethinks the dialogical and relational nature of people and Alison Stone, who draws attention to being carried. Anbeek: “My research is characterised by theory and practice going hand in hand. For example, I worked together with lecturers from the Utrecht School of the Arts to develop the game Tussen zon en man. Dialoogspel over ervaringen van chaos en schoonheid.

The chair was established to mark the centenary of the Grail (or the Women of Nazareth as it was originally known). This movement was founded in 1921 by Jacques van Ginneken, after whom the chair is named. It’s one of the ways Radboud University is still involved in the Catholic hinterland.
The Grail is still an important, by origin Catholic women’s movement that is internationally-recognised and meanwhile open to women from various religious backgrounds.



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