Dr S.C.H. André (Stéfanie)

Assistant professor - Public Administration

Dr S.C.H. André (Stéfanie)
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Stéfanie André is an Assistant Professor and Master Coordinator at the Department of Public Administration at the Radboud University working on "the (un)intended consequences of policy". She leads the interfaculty consortium WORKLIFE on work-life balance, is vice-chair of the Radboud Women Faculty Network Halkes and researches household task division and work pressure among parents during the covid-19 pandemic in the COGIS-NL research project. In 2021 she became researcher of the year for the Nijmegen School of Management.

Her research project "Fathers Combining Work and Care" won the 2022 NWO-VENI grant. In this project she researchers how men translate their work-care ambition in work-care behaviour and how organizational factors influence this relationship. In her earlier project FLAME "Flexible work Arrangements among MEn" she focused on the (in)voluntary part-time and full-time working of men and how they combine this with care. She was also awarded the NWO-XS grant in 2023 on the project "Who's your daddy?" to explore the role models of fathers and what enables them to use leave policies.

In November 2017 she succesfully defended her PhD Thesis: "The two sides of homeownership: security and insecurity. A comparative approach to the effects of housing tenure and housing wealth on political attitudes, political behavior and subjective wellbeing” at Tilburg University. Before she obtained Bachelor degrees in Sociology and Political Science, a master degree in Comparative Politics and a Research Master degree in Social Cultural Sciences (major Sociology).

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