Prof. A. Arvaniti (Amalia)

Professor - Centre for Language Studies
Professor - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Prof. A. Arvaniti (Amalia)
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I am phonetician and laboratory phonologist. I am interested in all types of phenomena in the study of speech, but my research focuses on prosody, particularly the production and perception of intonation and rhythm. I also have a secondary interest in the study of speech variation, particularly in the contexts of diglossia and bilingualism. My current research (2019-2024) focuses on intonation and seeks to provide an integrated phonological model that takes into consideration phonetics on the one hand, and the pragmatics of intonation on the other. This research is supported by an ERC-funded grant titled SPRINT (ERC-ADG-835263). I am also working on documenting the phonetics and phonology of Greek post-diglossia with a view to publishing a monograph on this topic, titled Sound Structures of Greek; this research has been funded by a Leverhulme Major Fellowship in the UK (2019-2020), and a Mohrmann grant grant at Radboud (2020-2022).

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