M.S.L. van Bekkum (Marvin)

PhD candidate - Digital Security
PhD candidate - Interdisciplinary Hub for Digitalization and Society

M.S.L. van Bekkum (Marvin)
Visiting address

Erasmusplein 1

Marvin van Bekkum studied both Civil Law and Cyber Security at Radboud University in Nijmegen. In 2020, he graduated Cum Laude for his master in Dutch Law. He is interested in the crossroads between law and technology, ranging from intellectual property to human rights protection.

Marvin is a PhD Candidate at the Interdisciplinary Hub for Digitalization and Society (iHub) and the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS). His research focuses on Non-discrimination by and Fairness of Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Sector. His PhD is supervised by Prof. Dr. F.J. (Frederik) Zuiderveen Borgesius and Prof. Dr. T.M. (Tom) Heskes.


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