Dr J.K.M. Berns (Janine)

Assistant professor - Centre for Language Studies
Assistant professor - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
Member - Representative Council Faculty of Arts

Dr J.K.M. Berns (Janine)
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Erasmusplein 1

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Postbus 9103

Janine Berns’ PhD project, a corpus study on diachronic and synchronic language variation, was funded by a NWO Toptalent grant. Since completion, in November 2013, she has held a position as assistant professor in the department of Romance Languages and Cultures at Radboud University. She also lectured at the department of French at Utrecht University (September 2014-July 2018). Berns’ research focuses on (i) language variation and change and (ii) the acquisition of French as a foreign language. Since 2009, Janine Berns has taught a wide variety of courses, at all university levels, on different topics in linguistics (introductions, advanced morphology, syntax and phonology, historical linguistics, L1/L2 acquisition), as well as language skills such as French oral and written competence.


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