Dr E.C.C.A. Blommaert (Lieselotte)

Assistant professor - Radboud Social Cultural Research
Assistant professor - Sociology

Dr E.C.C.A. Blommaert (Lieselotte)
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Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

Dr. Lieselotte Blommaert studies inclusion and exclusion, inequalities, diversity and discrimination in the labour market.

Her research deals with ethnic differences (differences according to migration background), gender differences and/or differences across socio-economic groups in the labour market. It is aimed at shedding light on the sources of such differences, focusing for example on the role of attitudes and stereotypes, human and social capital, and the cultural and institutional context and policies / interventions (e.g. at the organizational and/or country level).

She adresses questions that are both scientifically and societally relevant in order to contribute to finding solutions for contemporary challenges.

In her work, she often uses innovative combinations of survey research, experimental methods (field, lab and survey experiments), interview methods, and case studies.

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As a sociologist Lieselotte Blommaert looks at diversity and discrimination in the labour market. What impact do factors such as ethnicity and gender have on someone's chances on the labour market, and what can organizations do about it?