Dr E.C.C.A. Blommaert (Lieselotte)

Assistant professor - Radboud Social Cultural Research
Assistant professor - Sociology

Dr E.C.C.A. Blommaert (Lieselotte)
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Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

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Postbus 9104

Dr. Lieselotte Blommaert studies inclusion and exclusion, inequalities, discrimination and diversity in the labour market, often with a focus on recruitment and selection processes (e.g., hiring procedures).

Her research provides new insights in patterns in and explanations for differences in labor market opportunities and outcomes (according to ethnic or migration background, gender, and/or socio-economic background). For example, she studies the role of attitudes and stereotypes, social contacts or social capital, the cultural and institutional context and policy measures or interventions at the organizational and national level.

In recent research, she focuses on people’s beliefs about the pervasiveness of discrimination and unequal opportunities, support for or opposition against antidiscrimination and inclusion policies, and which factors affect these beliefs and support or opposition.

Tackling research questions that are both scientifically and societally relevant, she aims to contribute to finding solutions for challenges faced by employers, employees, policy makers and societies. She has experience with policy research and policy evaluations, projects commissioned by and in cooperation with actors like local governments or ministries.

She has broad experience with collecting new data, using (innovative combinations of) a variety of research methods, including surveys, experimental methods (field, lab & survey experiments), interview methods, and case studies.

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As a sociologist Lieselotte Blommaert looks at diversity and discrimination in the labour market. What impact do factors such as ethnicity and gender have on someone's chances on the labour market, and what can organizations do about it?