H.B. Bos (Hessel) MSc

PhD candidate - Public Administration

H.B. Bos (Hessel) MSc
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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Postbus 9108

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Hessel Bos is a PhD candidate and a lecturer at the Departmentment of Public Administration at Radboud University. His area of interest is co-production, citizens' participation and challenges of the local government.

His dissertation focuses on the development of co-producing citizens make over time. Citizens start a co-production with a certain motivation, expectation and expertise. Over time these conditions change and affect the relationship between co-producing citizens and the local government. The development is researched with a longitudinal qualitative research design in the context of the heat transition.

Hessel obtained a bachelor's degree in Public and Organisational Science at Utrecht University and a master's degree in Public Management and Leadership at Leiden University. He has worked as a teacher in social studies and social science at a secondary school for two years.


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