Dr L.J. Bulten (Luc)

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Dr L.J. Bulten (Luc)
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Dr. Luc Bulten (1993) is a social historian with a special interest in cross-cultural encounters and interactions between local communities, migratory social groups, and colonial institutions in early modern South and Southeast Asia. He recently completed his PhD-thesis on the process and workings of land and population registration in eighteenth-century Dutch-colonial Sri Lanka, with a distinct focus on the perspective of the ‘registered’ Lankan families. His dissertation entitled ‘Reconsidering Colonial Registration. Social Histories of Lives, Land, and Labour in Eighteenth-Century Sri Lanka’ was part of the NWO-granted ‘Colonialism Inside Out’ project and can be read online following the link below.

From September 2023 onwards, Luc will continue his studies as a postdoctoral researcher in the Leiden-bound 'Exploiting the Empires of Others' project led by professor Cátia Antunes. In his sub-project Luc will be focusing on the business practices and social composition of several different Asian and Eurasian entrepreneurial families active in Dutch and British Melaka (1750-1850).

Furthermore, Luc teaches several courses in social, economic, and early modern history here at Radboud University, and has previously supervised several thesis projects, student assistants and interns. For any inquiries about either research or potential supervision, feel free to contact him.

Research Topics (also for BA and MA theses):
• Global, imperial and colonial history
• History of registration
• Everyday aspects of, and interactions in, colonial societies
• Indian Ocean World
• Trans-imperial trade networks and firms
• Medical interventions & Empire



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