C. Cassar (Charlot) MEd

PhD candidate - Radboud Teachers Academy

C. Cassar (Charlot) MEd
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I am an external PhD student with a research focus on the notion that controversial issues are a powerful adjunct to the development of competences for living in democratic cultures. However, controversial issues in the classroom are rarely addressed beyond a mandatory curriculum and even then, most teachers will avoid the issues altogether for lack of time, competences, unsympathetic contexts and fear of possible reprisal. My research focuses on unplanned controversial issues that arise spontaneously in the classroom and the experiences that teachers perceive as instrumental in supporting their agency to address controversy. I believe that identifying these experiences is important for education for democracy and may have significant implications for teacher training and professional development.

Working as an elementary school principal in Malta, I am committed to the development of schools as professional communities of learning that strive to make the school experience a truly meaningful. I believe in creating safe and fun learning environments in which the development and well-being of stakeholders is paramount. I am a strong advocate for the personal and professional development of educators in training, positing self-reflection and the realisation of our formidable power as “persons in teaching” as key ingredients in developing action for change. I am also particularly interested in the use of social media in education, education for the prevention of crimes against humanity, intercultural education, cooperative learning and anything fun.

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