I. Ceelen (Iline) MSc

PhD candidate - Comparative religious studies

I. Ceelen (Iline) MSc
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Iline has always pondered life's greatest mysteries. Due to her infatuation with childbirth and her opposition to maternal mortality, she began her professional career as a midwife. Motivated by global inequality, she began working as a medical humanitarian aid worker for Médecins sans Frontières (MSF). In 2016, she earned a master's degree in public health, specializing in sexual and reproductive health and rights with an emphasis on 'conflict related sexual violence and the prevention of it'. After eight years of full-time humanitarian assistance work, she realized her need to learn more about the world to better comprehend it, and in 2022 she achieved a sociology degree from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her thesis investigated the tension fields surrounding the Amsterdam Pride. In the following months, she has worked on topics related to the emancipation of men for the Emancipator and sustainable transition within community-supported agriculture for the UNMAKING team at Utrecht University. Recently, she began working as a doctoral candidate at Radboud University, researching the 'Ritualization in Euthanasia'. Her reflections on her own mortality and her encounters with death in a variety of countries inspired her desire to delve deeper into the ways in which a 'good death' is experienced by those who die and those who remain.


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