Dr L.S. Chardonnens (Sandor)

Associate professor - Radboud Institute for Culture and History
Associate professor - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Dr L.S. Chardonnens (Sandor)
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Expertise: history of magic; (dream) divination; the supernatural, specifically interactions between human beings and spirits (demons, angels, ghosts, etc.)

Dr László Sándor Chardonnens (PhD Leiden 2006) is researcher at the Radboud Institute for Cultural and History, and university lecturer at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. He teaches medieval English language and literature, and the history of medieval and early modern magic in Europe. Previous research projects were devoted to early medieval prognostication and late medieval and early modern dream divination. His current research focuses on the books in which early modern European magicians recorded their rituals and practices.

Research theme
  • Early modern European magic and magic books
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