Prof. C.L. Crouch (Carly)

Professor - Textual, Historical and Systematic studies of Judaism and Christianity

Prof. C.L. Crouch (Carly)
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Carly Crouch is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism and Chair of the Department of Textual, Historical and Systematic Studies of Judaism and Christianity. She conducts research on the intellectual, cultural, and social history of ancient Israel and Judah, with particular attention to the impact of displacement on Israelite and Judahite identities. Her current work employs social scientific research on migration, trauma, and imperial-colonial power to interpret biblical and extra-biblical evidence relating to Israel and Judah; previous projects have drawn on anthropology, archaeology, translation theory, and film studies. She also has an interest in ethics and social justice, especially in ways that historical research can contribute to contemporary ethical conversations.

She has held research fellowships in Oxford, Cambridge, and Göttingen; before coming to Nijmegen she taught in the USA and in the UK. Prospective doctoral students with related interests are invited to make contact by email.

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