M. Czajkowski (Michelle) MA

PhD candidate - Centre for Language Studies
PhD candidate - Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

M. Czajkowski (Michelle) MA
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Erasmusplein 1

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Postbus 9103

I have worked in language teaching, training and examining for many years, and am interested in language test development and validation. My work history includes roles in test development and administration in global organizations and for governmental bodies, commercial test developers and universities. I am particularly interested in local tests, specialized tests, and tests developed for particular contexts.

My PhD project investigates the predictive validity of a diagnostic language test that all incoming first-year undergraduate students take at Radboud University. How well does performance on this test predict academic success or difficulty in a student's study program? How well is the test aligned to the academic language skills needed in a changing academic landscape? How can language policies best support students in an internationalized and bilingual university? These are questions I hope to answer in the coming years.

In addition to my work in testing, I am an experienced teacher of English as a second language and have particular expertise in advanced to proficiency-level English, writing, and exam preparation.



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