T.M. Dado (Thirza)

PhD candidate - Artificial Intelligence
PhD candidate - Donders Centre for Cognition
PhD candidate - Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

T.M. Dado (Thirza)
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Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

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Postbus 9104

The field of neural coding studies the relationship between statistical invariances of real-world phenomena and their corresponding neural representations. My PhD project focuses on neural coding with synthesized reality to explore internal representations of artificial and biological agents using well-controlled yet ecologically-valid stimuli. It aims to understand the emergence and utilization of internal representations in the brain.

As for myself, I have double master’s degrees in artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience with cum laude and my doctorate is funded by a personal toptalent fellowship. I spend my summers road tripping the Atlantic coast and my winters snowboarding the Alps.

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