E. Dalmaijer MA (Evi)

PhD candidate - Centre for Language Studies
PhD candidate - Interdisciplinary Hub for Digitalization and Society
PhD candidate - Department of Language and Communication

E. Dalmaijer MA (Evi)
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My PhD research focuses on the impact of digitalisation on (para)medical interaction and on (para)medical professional practice. I study how interaction between practitioners and (parents/carers of) patients takes place via digital communication tools, such as e-health applications and videos. I also focus on how this affects the relationship(s) between those involved in the conversation and how this determines the organisation of the practitioners' work.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of e-health has increased exponentially. The aim of my project is to identify the beneficial and detrimental impact of this digitalisation of (para)medical interaction in practitioner-patient interaction as part of professional practice, and to provide solutions that can support practitioners in the use of these technologies.

Before starting my PhD project at Radboud University, I completed a master's degree in Dutch (discourse) studies (cum laude) and a research master's degree in linguistics (cum laude) at Leiden University. Here I focused on the one hand on (historical) political rhetoric and argumentation and on the other hand on the use of language in digital medical settings. At Radboud University I am now continuing to specialise in this last topic.

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