Dr C.S. Davies (Carl)

Employee - Condensed Matter Physics

Dr C.S. Davies (Carl)
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Toernooiveld 7
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Carl S. Davies is a research officer at HFML-FELIX studying light-matter interactions with an emphasis on magnetic systems and ultrafast magnetization dynamics. His doctoral research (2013-2016, University of Exeter, United Kingdom) focused on the question of how to use non-uniformities to excite and steer spin waves, which is highly relevant for future data transmission and processing technologies. Since his PhD, he has primarily studied all-optical switching of magnetization on ultrafast timescales with visible and infrared light, in systems ranging from transparent dielectrics to metallic magnets. His current research at the free-electron laser facility FELIX concentrates on how lattice vibrations, when excited at resonance, can induce magnetic switching. He is also actively developing novel techniques based on external lasers synchronized to the FEL to detect how systems evolve in time when excited by infrared pulses.


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