Prof. H.C.M. Didden (Robert)

Professor - Behavioural Science Institute
Professor - Orthopedagogics: Learning and Development

Prof. H.C.M. Didden (Robert)
Visiting address

Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

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Postbus 9104

Prof.dr. Robert Didden, focuses as a researcher on young people and adults with a mild intellectual disability (LVB; including borderline intellectual functioning) and severe behavioral and psychological problems. His scientific and clinical interests are in risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of, among others, aggressive behaviour, addiction problems, trauma/PTSD and personality characteristics. His research is at the intersection of (specialized) care for intellectual disability, forensic care and mental health care for people with mild intellectual disabilities. He is affiliated with Trajectum, a facility for support and treatment of people with mild ID and severe behavioral problems, whether or not in a forensic context. He is associate editor of 'Research in Developmental Disabilities', 'Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities' and 'PLoS One'.


Ancillary activities