S. Djuric (Sacha)

Leftclick coördinator - Audiovisual Services

S. Djuric (Sacha)
Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Elaborate complex customer questions into a functional description
Monitor status and budget
Identifying and adjusting bottlenecks in progress and realisation
Writing project plans and assessing risks in a timely and correct manner
Realize projects within the set goals in terms of time, quality, budget and risk management
Monitor progress, monitor risks and solve problems

Programming of (AV) furnishing projects with, among other things, crestron and/or extron.
Advising and mediating in the purchase and hiring of equipment.
Managing personnel for technical support in the use of AV equipment in educational rooms.
Managing and coordinating technical personnel with regard to assistance with academic ceremonies such as promotions, inaugural lectures, live video and/or audio connections.

Ancillary activities