E.C. van Eck MSc (Emil)

PhD candidate - Geography

E.C. van Eck MSc (Emil)
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Emil van Eck is a PhD candidate in the department of Geography, Planning and Environment (GPE). He is member of the HERA-funded 'Moving MarketPlaces' (MMP) project. This project comprises a comparative ethnographic study of outdoor retail markets in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Emil's PhD research centres on the dialectical relationship between place-making and mobility to better understand the production and functioning of markets as important public spaces in European cities and towns. Methodologically, his research draws on a relational ethnography that enables him to investigate traders' expanding social networks and mobility trajectories that surround markets and affect their material, social and institutional nature. Rather than considering places as territorially 'fixed' or 'bounded' entities, he takes a relational mobility approach to the study of public space.

Emil received his research master's degree in Urban Studies from the University of Amsterdam (cum laude). He is currently one of the main organizers of the GPE Seminar Series. The GPE Seminar Series brings together researchers from across Radboud University to discuss research topics that are related to Geography, Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences. Emil is also member of the Gender and Diversity Reading Group at Radboud University and the Gender and Geography Reading Group at Utrecht University.

Emil is currently visiting the School of Geography at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom, where he continues working on his research and writing.




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