M. Fischer (Malte) MA

Scholarship PhD candidate - Department of History, Art History and Classics
Scholarship PhD candidate - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

Malte Fischer received his B.A. in German Literature / Linguistics and History at Free University Berlin and his M.A. in Contemporary History at Humboldt University Berlin with a thesis on “Hans Freyer’s ‘German Sociology’ and the Emergence of German Social History, 1945 to 1980.” His interests include political communication, political theory, Digital History and the history of historiography.

Malte is currently writing his PhD thesis on "The Voice of the People". Popular Expectations of Democracy in Postwar Germany". The project seeks to explore how ordinary citizens in the Bonn Republic have perceived the postwar political system, it investigates the expectations citizens had of their political representatives and analyses how citizens have imagined their own role in the postwar political order.

Since January 2021 Malte is a visiting scholar at the chair for European History of the 20th Century (Prof. Thomas Mergel) at Humboldt University Berlin.


Ancillary activities