S. Forchieri (Sofía) MA

PhD candidate - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

S. Forchieri (Sofía) MA
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Sofía Forchieri is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Culture & History at Radboud University Nijmegen. She studied Comparative Literature at Goethe University Frankfurt (BA) and Utrecht University (RMA). Her research focuses on contemporary Latin American women’s writing, cultural memory studies, and decolonial feminisms, with particular interest on the relation between aesthetics, affects and politics. Sofía’s work has appeared in Frame: Journal of Literary Studies, Journal of Perpetrator Research, and the edited volume Afectos y violencias en la cultura latinoamericana (Iberoamericana, 2022).

Sofía’s PhD project studies how contemporary women writers from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador are imagining and remembering feminicide, the killing of women because of their gender. Through the notion of an “aesthetics of discomfort,” she aims to explore how the narrative frameworks and affective registers used by these writers open up new ways of remembering and understanding gender violence.

Sofía’s PhD project is supervised by Prof. Brigitte Adriaensen and Prof. Liedeke Plate.

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