Dr S. Glas (Saskia)

Assistant professor - Radboud Social Cultural Research
Assistant professor - Sociology

Dr S. Glas (Saskia)

Saskia Glas is Assistant Professor Sociology. Her research mainly focuses on the cultural inclusion of non-European migrants in Western European countries. She tackles questions as whether migrants identify with their host societies and whether migrants support gender equality and democracy. In explaining these attitudes, Saskia particularly focuses on the roles of religiosity, acculturation over time and mutual exclusions.

Saskia is also interested, among other things, in methodological survey research, the socio-political attitudes of majorities, anti-feminist backlashes, political structures, and context-dependency. She conducted her PhD research on how Islamic religiosity shapes support for women's rights in the Arab Middle East and North Africa. Saskia has been awarded a NWO Talent Grant and a Marie Curie Grant and her studies have been published in prominent journals as Social Forces, European Sociological Review, Gender & Society, and International Migration Review.


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