Prof. M.J.L. Graff (Maud)

Principal investigator - Donders Center of Medical Neurosciences
Principal investigator - Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Professor - Faculty of Medical Sciences (Radboudumc)

Prof. M.J.L. Graff (Maud)
Visiting address

Reinier Postlaan 4
Internal postal code: 898

Professor Maud Graff’s is professor in occupational therapy. Her research line is on methodologically sound development, implementation and evaluation of person-centered occupational therapy and interdisciplinary psychosocial, allied healthcare and rehabilitation interventions. Her research has a specific focus on people with a combination of mental, physical and social problems, such as frail older people, people with dementia, with Parkinson’s disease and people with other chronic diseases (person’s perspective), their informal caregivers (family perspective) and the quality of care delivery (professional perspective) in hospital, rehabilitation/nursing home, outpatient and primary care (organizational/network perspective). Interventions are directed on improving clients’ and caregivers’ autonomy, self-management, and participation in meaningful activities to improve their quality of life and health, and on improvement of treatment delivery and implementation. For her research she received seven science awards and several grants from Dutch and European healthcare funds and ministries. Within her research line 26 national and international Post-Doc, PhD and other junior research projects are running, 15 projects are finished, of which seven PhD projects she supervised as a co-promotor. She received her second period as junior Principal Investigator (since 2014) and is Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham, UK (since 2015).

She is frequently invited to lecture on international conferences on methodology of development, evaluation and implementation of complex person-centered interventions. She also lectures on national and international master courses on occupational therapy, allied healthcare, rehabilitation and psychosocial interventions. She is co-editor of the Dutch Journal of Occupational Therapy and Science (Ergotherapie en Wetenschap) and she is member of several (inter)national boards, advice committees and research groups


Ancillary activities