Prof. C.A. Groenendijk (Kees)

Professor emeritus - Sociology of Law and Migration Law

Prof. C.A. Groenendijk (Kees)
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Montessorilaan 10

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Postbus 9049

Prof. Kees Groenendijk works for the Centre for Migration Law, where he studies the regulation of migration and the legal status of migrants in the Netherlands and in Europe. His most recent publications are on the regulation of family migration and labour migration, the status of long-established immigrants, and the creation and effects of the new EU directives on migration and asylum.

He also publishes on:

the (il)legitimacy and (un)fairness of Dutch integration legislation
the legal status of immigrants from outside the European Union in the EU
the regulation of labour and family migration in the Netherlands and other EU member states
the Dutch government's response to the influx of Islamic migrants
naturalization legislation and practice in the Netherlands


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