F.M. Hammecher (Frank)

Head - FNWI Education Center

F.M. Hammecher (Frank)
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Postbus 9103

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Frank Hammecher is head of the Education Center of the Faculty of Science. The department professionally implements all processes for educational logistics, educational business management, development and coordination with the aim of optimal support for teachers and students.

During the five-year term of office, from May 2017 to May 2022, Frank Hammecher was Managing Director of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. at Radboud University. Previously, he worked as an institute manager at the faculty of science at the University of Amsterdam, at Facilities & Support at VU University Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and several private companies.

Trained in business administration, quality management and engineering, his focus is on perpetuating clear, transparent business operations, with the core element of developing and encouraging an initiative-rich academic environment being supported in a professional manner.

Besides his appointment, Hammecher conducts private research into how culturally and historically influenced linguistic relationships between urbanization and geographical perspectives in the low countries are expressed.

Hammecher was a long-term board member of the Hugo de Vries Fund that provides financial support to small-scale projects for scientific research, education and publications in the field of botany.

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