Dr C. Hoetink (Carla)

Assistant professor - Department of History, Art History and Classics
Assistant professor - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

Dr C. Hoetink (Carla)
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Carla Hoetink (PhD RU 2018) is a political historian and lecturer/assistant professor at the History Department of Radboud University. Her research interest lies in the history of doing politics, in institutions as well as on the street.

Since September 2022, Hoetink is running a project on how democracy and public order have clashed in practices of and discussions about protest in the Netherlands since 1919. What do these local clashes teach us about the space for protest in a modern democracy in the 20th century, about the changes that have taken place there, and the forms and options that have been excluded or increased?

Hoetink has published widely on the Dutch political and parliamentary culture. Her dissertation "Macht der gewoonte. Regels en rituelen in de Tweede Kamer sinds 1945", a reflection on the rules and rituals in the Dutch house of represenatives after WOII, has been awarded with the D.J. Veegens prize by the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities.

Departing from her interest in doing and performing politics, she has in general affinity with research seeing the political as a form of communication between rulers and the ruled (and vice versa).

Research topics:

Political and parliamentary history of the Netherlands since 1848
Modern history of Europe, including European integration history
History of political activsm, protest and demonstrations
Democracy and counter democracy
Organizational culture
Political impact of digitalization
Politics & Gender
Politics & Architecture

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