C.E.J. Hoijinck MA (Cathrien)

PhD candidate - Department of History, Art History and Classics
PhD candidate - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

C.E.J. Hoijinck MA (Cathrien)
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Cultures of martyrdom in Al-Andalus between Christianity, Judaism and Islam (711-1085)

With this research I will shed new light on the meaning of martyrdom in medieval Andalusia. I will investigate the Andalusian commemoration practice of martyrs and its tradition from a cross-cultural angle, rather than understanding Andalusian society in terms of isolated religious communities. I will study theological and legal treatises, historical records and material remains, in order to uncover mutual influence between different religious communities. By applying a comparative hermeneutical reading approach, I will identify elements of a dialogue with regard to Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions. The findings will help to reveal the underlying rationale for ‘making a martyr’ in Al-Andalus. In that way, the results will provide a valuable and necessary contribution to the historiographical debate over convivencia and to the understanding of contemporary martyr constructions.


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