Dr M.G.A. van Holstein (Mieke)

Employee - Knowledge Transfer

Dr M.G.A. van Holstein (Mieke)
Visiting address

Houtlaan 4

Working days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

At Research & Impact, I am using my project management skills to contribute to the acceleration and improvement of science and technological innovation.

After obtaining a PhD in neuroscience in 2016, and a 4-year post-doc at UBC in Canada (Vancouver), I returned to the Netherlands to work for a company as consultant & project leader.

The interfaculty, multidisciplinary initiative I am currently leading aims to innovate the development of focused ultrasound as a promising key-technology. We focus on its current application as research tool for neuromodulation and on its future potential for clinical use and to target drug delivery (through opening the blood brain barrier).


Ancillary activities