Dr C. Ierna (Carlo)

Researcher - History of Philosophy

Dr C. Ierna (Carlo)
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dr. C. Ierna has a double training in philosophy and cognitive artificial intelligence. He is interested is interested in the complex interplay between philosophy, psychology, and mathematics in the 19th century, and the related theories of consciousness and mind, particularly symbolic intentionality and the idea of universal computation.
His publications mainly regard authors from the School of Brentano (Franz Brentano, Edmund Husserl, Christian von Ehrenfels, etc.), the development of Gestalt psychology, semiotics, the theory of manifolds (Mannigfaltigkeitslehre), and in a broader sense the idea of philosophy as science, the mathematical foundations of science, and the mechanization of the mind.
He has given public lectures, courses, and scientific presentations on various topics, including the value of the humanities, the mechanisation of man, the history and foundations of the sciences, the philosophy of time, paradoxes, Ada Lovelace and thinking machines.


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