Prof. P.P. Iossif (Panagiotis)

Professor occupying an endowed chair - Department of History, Art History and Classics
Professor occupying an endowed chair - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

Prof. P.P. Iossif (Panagiotis)
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As a trained Classical archaeologist, numismatist, and historian of religions my main interest focus on coins, their economic, political, religious, and symbolic role in ancient societies. My numismatic research varies from statistical analyses of coin production to levels of monetization of a given society and velocity of coin circulation within ancient and modern societies. The main aspects of my actual research and courses are the analysis of hoard and excavation data using statistical and quantitative methods. The two large datasets I gathered for the Seleucid kingdom are used as bases for further analyses. Furthermore, I have a particular interest in die studies actually working on those of Seleucia on the Tigris under the Seleucids and Tyre under the Seleucids and the autonomous era, two of the largest die studies in the Greek world.
Additionally, my interest goes to the iconography of ancient Greek coinages considering numismatic types as important tools for the understanding of ancient mentalities and attitudes. The method I develop is, once more, a quantitative one doubled by a series of more conventional approaches of art historical character.
As an archaeologist, I'm interested in understanding the role of excavation coins, the type of information they offer in the understanding of a site, and the proper ways these coins should be recorded. In that respect, I work towards the creation of a protocol for recording excavation coins.
Finally, I'm very interested in the creation of a software producing automated die studies and this is a major undergoing research project combining the field of digital humanities with more "traditional" methods.


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