Dr M.F. Iovine (Fiammetta)

Employee - History of Philosophy

Dr M.F. Iovine (Fiammetta)
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As PhD candidate with a joint project between the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès and the Radboud University, my research focuses on the Roman Academy of the Humourists (1600-ca.1717), a prominent player in seventeenth-century Italy, connected with famous institutions such as the Academy of the Lynx, the Royal Academy of Christina of Sweden, the Royal Society, the Imperial Leopoldine Academy. Despite their liaisons with the papal court (or rather because of it), the Humorists cultivated natural philosophy and experimental science while officially engaged in literary exercises. Based in Counter-reformed Rome, the Academy stands out as a self-contained but relatively free arena, where scientific research and alchemical quests could equally be harboured.

My research interests involve Alchemy, Hermeticism, Natural philosophy, the Rosicrucian phenomenon, and Italian academies. The latter seem to have provided a stage for expert training in the art of dissimulation; not only a moral attitude out of political necessity, but rather an epistemological driver for liminal thinking and a safe vessel for a peculiar knowledge transfer.

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  • Seventeenth-century Academies
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