Dr M.V. Isaias Mendes (Vinícius)

Employee - Environment

Dr M.V. Isaias Mendes (Vinícius)
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Heyendaalseweg 141

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In my research, I engage with literature from political economy, international relations, and social sciences more broadly to understand how the environmental crisis is being addressed in multilevel governance institutions (local governments, nation states, and internationally) and in different economic sectors (agriculture, information technology, energy), especially in Brazil and Latin America. In previous research projects, I have studied climate change mitigation policies in Brazilian cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, decarbonization strategies in information technology firms in the USA, and, more recently, low-carbon agriculture. At Radboud University, I am working in the project “PLANET4B: plural values and intersectionality for biodiversity,” where we are reflecting upon transformative biodiversity governance through the lenses of environmental justice. In this sense, our goal is to develop a transdisciplinary, innovative theoretical framework, and test different behavioural and decision-making interventions targeting a wide range of stakeholders, to trigger biodiversity policy priorization and action.