Dr F. Jongepier (Fleur)

Assistant professor - Interdisciplinary Hub for Digitalization and Society

Dr F. Jongepier (Fleur)
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Erasmusplein 1

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I am an assistant professor of (digital) ethics at the Radboud University Nijmegen. My research centers around the concepts of self-knowledge and autonomy. In recent years, I became specifically interested in the ways in which various technological developments affect these fundamental capacities, both positively and negatively. I am interested, for instance, in how online manipulation, the (non)transparency of AI, or being the subject of automated decision-making (‘computer says no’) affect people’s capacity for knowing what they want, believe, prefer and care about (self-knowledge) and being able to formulate and act on one’s own goals (autonomy).

My current NWO VENI research project (spanning from Jan 2020 - Jan 2024) is titled “Do algorithms know better? First-person authority in the age of big data”. You can find more info on the project here: https://fleurjongepier.nl/veni-project.

I am passionate about science communication and public philosophy. I am also interested in what public philosophy is, and how it differs - if at all - from academic philosophy, and if so, whether it should. For an overview of articles/activities, see https://fleurjongepier.nl/public-philosophy.

Research theme
  • Digital Ethics
Research group
  • Ethiek & Politieke Filosofie




One of the research areas that Fleur Jongepier focuses on is digital ethics. How do technological developments such as artificial intelligence or online manipulation affect human autonomy and self-knowledge?