L.T. Karssen (Levie) MSc

Teacher - Orthopedagogics: Family and Behaviour

L.T. Karssen (Levie) MSc

Levie Karssen (MSc Behavioural Science) works as a Junior Researcher within the Behavioural Science Institute. With her research, she aims to examine the ways in which we can stimulate healthy parenting through the mHealth intervention Samen Happie! The aim of the intervention is to teach parents of young children knowledge and skills about healthy parenting practices, thereby preventing childhood overweight at an early age. The results of this intervention program will contribute to the FNO-financed project “Preventing overweight among young children: Intervention Healthy (Food) Parenting Practices”. This project is supervised by dr. Junilla Larsen, prof. dr. Jacqueline Vink, prof. dr. Carolina de Weerth, Emilie Ruiter (GGD Gelderland-Zuid), and prof. dr. Stef Kremers (Maastricht University).

Research theme
  • Developmental Psychopathology
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