Dr T.R.M.P. Keijser (Thomas)

Senior researcher - Private Law

Dr T.R.M.P. Keijser (Thomas)
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Thomas Keijser is Senior Researcher at the Business Law Institute of the Radboud University (Netherlands). He edited the second revised edition of Transnational Securities Law (OUP, 2022), participated in the Oxford University working group that resulted in the book Intermediation and Beyond (Hart, 2019), was a member of the expert group that elaborated the UNIDROIT Legislative Guide on Intermediated Securities (2017), was selected for the ECB Legal Research Programme (2016), contributed to the second edition of Transnational Commercial Law (OUP, 2015), edited Transnational Securities Law (OUP, 2014), and is one of the initial authors and co-editor of the Official Commentary on the UNIDROIT Convention on Substantive Rules for Intermediated Securities (OUP, 2012). From 2007-2012, Keijser was primary responsible for the UNIDROIT Convention on Substantive Rules for Intermediated Securities as Senior Officer, later Consultant, at UNIDROIT. He practiced as a lawyer (advocaat) for seven years. He co-organized several international conferences, and was visiting faculty at universities in Chile, Germany, Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, the Russian Federation, Spain, and the United States of America. He holds a doctoral degree in law and a master’s degree (cum laude) in Russian literature.


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