Prof. P.H.P.H.M.C. van Kempen (Piet Hein)

Professor - Criminal Law and Criminology

Prof. P.H.P.H.M.C. van Kempen (Piet Hein)

Piet Hein van Kempen (1969) is full professor at the Faculty of Law at Radboud University. He holds the chair of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law. From 2007 to 2011, Van Kempen was also Professor of Human Rights at this center.

Piet Hein van Kempen is expert in the field of Dutch criminal and criminal procedure law, international and European transnational criminal law and European and international human rights law. The research also includes comparative law. He specializes in:
− The effect of European, international and transnational criminal law on national criminal justice systems and the interaction between international and national criminal law and procedure.
− Classical criminal procedural law topics, including: the basic principles of the criminal justice system, pre-trial detention, position of the defence, the public prosecutor, the courts and experts, and legal remedies such as appeal, cassation and revision.
− Classical substantive criminal law topics, including: legality, mens rea, justifications and excuses, and various criminal offenses.
− Human rights issues, including positive obligations, fair trial, deprivation of liberty, religion, the rights of prisoners, the position of legal persons
− Transnational criminal law, including in the area of terrorism, trafficking in human beings, drugs and cultural goods.


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