M.E. Keulen (Marie)

PhD candidate - Department of History, Art History and Classics
PhD candidate - Radboud Institute for Culture and History

M.E. Keulen (Marie)
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Erasmusplein 1

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Marie Keulen is a PhD candidate at the History Department of the Radboud University. She is a social and cultural historian of colonialism with a special interest in gender and sexuality, Christian missions, Caribbean history, and the history of Dutch slavery.

In her PhD research, Keulen looks at the intersection of intimacy and colonial rule in 19th and early 20th-century Suriname. She analyses colonial and missionary interferences in the intimate and familial relations of colonised groups and investigates how the affected communities dealt with this. How did different Surinamese colonial populations respond to missionary practices that intended to alter their family lives according to Christian-European norms about marriage, sexuality, parenthood, child-rearing, and the nuclear family? In answering these and other questions the project aims to understand how family life in Suriname was shaped under colonial rule during and after slavery.

Previously, Marie Keulen worked as a Prof. J.C.M. Warnsinck Fellow at the National Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum), where she researched the role of missionary travel writing in Dutch imperial culture.


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