Dr R.A.W. Kok (Robert)

Dr R.A.W. Kok (Robert)
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Associate professor of Innovation

Robert A.W. Kok (1969) is associate professor of Innovation at the Responsible Innovation & Entrepreneurship centre, Institute for Management Research, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Robert Kok was visiting scholar at the Institute for Technology and Management of the Technical University Berlin from September - November 2012. He obtained his Ph.D. in business administration (2003) from the University of Groningen. His research is concentrated on radical high-tech innovations for sustainable solutions. Topics of interest include open innovation and sustainability, adoption of digital and sustainable technology, involvement and governance of stakeholders as well as entrepreneurship and innovation in start-ups. His articles are published in journals such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, Technovation, Creativity and Innovation Management, Journal of Business Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Scientometrics, Industrial Marketing Management, amongst others.

Operations Management and Logistics (bachelor year 2)
Managing Innovation (bachelor elective)
Supervision Bachelor's thesis in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Social, Sustainable and Technological Innovation (master elective)
Supervision Master's thesis Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Ph.D.-candidates

Recent papers:

Manresa, A., Bikfalvi, A., Ligthart, P. E. M., & Kok, R. A. W. Forthcoming. Insights on the digitalisation-performance relationship: the role of flexibility and quality enhancing organisational practices. Production Planning and Control

Van Helmond, C.G.C. & Kok, R.A.W. (2022). Organizational (non-)adoption of legally obliged energy-saving technologies: why (not) comply? Sustainability, 14 (3):1511. https://doi.org/10.3390/su14031511

Research theme
  • Radical innovation for sustainable solutions
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