Prof. S.C.J.J. Kortmann (Bas)

Professor emeritus - Private Law

Prof. S.C.J.J. Kortmann (Bas)
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Montessorilaan 10

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Postbus 9049

Sebastian Kortmann graduated in Dutch Law at the University of Groningen (cum laude) in 1973 and was awarded a PhD (cum laude) in 1977 with his thesis entitled Derdenwerking van aansprakelijkheidsbedingen (The Effect of Exemption Clauses on Third Parties).
From 1973 till 1977, he worked as an academic staff member at RadboudUniversity; from 1978 till 1984, he worked as a solicitor in Nijmegen. In 1984, he became Professor of Civil Law at RadboudUniversity. From 1998 till 2001, he combined his professorship with the post of Dean of the Faculty of Law. He was Rector Magnificus of the Radboud University from 2007 till 2014. He also chaired the Law Faculty’s civil law section, the board of the Business and Law Research Centre (OO&R), and the board of the Centre for Post-Academic Education (CPO). He has more than 250 scientific publications in the fields of civil law and insolvency law to his credit.


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