Prof. G.L.M. Kraaykamp (Gerbert)

Professor - Radboud Social Cultural Research
Director of research - Radboud Social Cultural Research
Professor - Sociology

Prof. G.L.M. Kraaykamp (Gerbert)
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Thomas van Aquinostraat 4

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Postbus 9104

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In his research, Prof. Gerbert Kraaykamp focuses on the intergenerational transmission of social inequality. Especially, the issue how aspects of a parental upbringing and socialization affect a person’s educational career is a core topic of research. In this respect gender differences receive specific attention. Additionally, Kraaykamp investigates the consequences of educational differentiation for high-brow cultural involvement, sports participation, health behaviors and opinions on sexuality, marriage and gender roles. Kraaykamp’s foremost employs quantitative-empirical research methods, and focuses on both longitudinal and cross-national comparisons.

Kraaykamp has been coordinator of various datacollections, respectively European Social Survey (ESS: Netherlands), Family Survey Dutch Populatio (FSDP), Netherlands Longitudinal Lifecourse Survey (NELLS), Social and Cultural Developments in the Netherlands (SOCON).

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  • Radboud Social Cultural Research


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