Dr A.H. Lammer (Andreas)

Associate professor - History of Philosophy

Dr A.H. Lammer (Andreas)
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Andreas Lammer studied philosophy and German language and literature at the University of Würzburg, received his master’s degree in philosophy from King’s College London, and obtained his PhD in philosophy and Arabic studies from LMU Munich. Before his appointment at Radboud University, he worked as a research associate at the LMU and the Thomas Institute of the University of Cologne, and was Junior Professor of Arabic Philosophy, Culture, and History at Trier University.
His primary research interests are in Greek, Arabic, and Latin natural philosophy in both the Aristotelian and the Avicennian tradition, and more broadly in the transmission of philosophical and scientific literature from Greek into Arabic and from Arabic into Latin. In particular, he enjoys the metaphysical and epistemological ramifications of natural philosophy and tries to understand the greater relevance of premodern “theoretical physics” in the explanation of nature and the environment. Consequently, he investigates not only fundamental notions such as time, place, and motion, creation and eternity, as well as nature, power, elements, and bodies but also theories of rain, clouds, thunder, and lightning (and their bearing on life) in Ancient, Late Ancient, and medieval Arabic and Latin philosophy and science.
He published various papers on ancient, late ancient, and Arabic philosophy as well as a monograph on the history of Greek and Arabic natural philosophy entitled “The Elements of Avicenna’s Physics: Greek Sources and Arabic Innovations” (De Gruyter 2018). Since 2024, he has been the principal investigator of the research project “Avicenna Live: The Immediate Context of Avicenna’s Intellectual Formation” (ERC Starting Grant 2023).

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