Dr F.T.M. Léoné (Frank)

Assistant professor - Artificial Intelligence
Assistant professor - Donders Centre for Cognition
Assistant professor - Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

Dr F.T.M. Léoné (Frank)
Working days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

I am passionate about neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and education. From that passion, I study how we can apply concepts from neuroscience into educational solutions, especially in intelligent games and apps. Moreover, I attempt to connect the scientific and professional world, by drawing connections between theory and practice, between university findings and societal practice, and between university staff and teachers. Only together, drawing from all our perspectives, can we help bring education further.

I am also a passionate teacher myself. I teach in the artificial intelligence program on neuroscience, personal development, and app development. In addition, I am involved in teaching organization and improvement, as coordinator of the first year, and directly and indirectly in varying contexts in- and outside of university.

The starting point of my scientific projects is often either a concrete brain mechanic or a general property of the brain. As example of the former, consider the fact that words seem to be sorted based on semantic and word form similarity in the brain; possible we can use that to for example facilitate vocabulary learning (MindSort project). For the latter, I have for example been working on an education canvas, integrating general brain and game principles into an integrated framework to design education.

Previously, I studied cortical action-perception coupling using multivariate fMRI for my PhD (with Pieter Medendorp & Ivan Toni). In addition, I worked on neurolaw, free will, and the limitations of neuroscience. Before my PhD, I finished programs in cognitive neuroscience (MSc), artificial intelligence (MSc & BSc), and psychology (BSc) and have been closely involved with the academic community in numerous roles and committees.

Next to my work as assistant professor, I give workshops and talks about educational innovation, as well as design games from my startup Marbelous Minds.

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