N.J.E. Linders (Nik)

PhD candidate - Gender & Diversity
PhD candidate - Radboud Social Cultural Research

N.J.E. Linders (Nik)

Nik Linders is a PhD candidate at Gender & Diversity Studies/Radboud Social Cultural Research, at Radboud University Nijmegen. He received his master in political theory at the RU in 2020. His research interests include inquiries into processes of radicalization and the mainstreaming of radical/extremist ideas, including populist radical right voting, and conspiracy theories.

His PhD project is about gender & sexuality attitudes and particularly masculinity in the Dutch Populist Radical Right. His research comprises mixed methods and focuses on primary party discourse as well as voting and social media. He is also working on a project looking into the mainstreaming and normalization of radical discourses, including conspiracy theories, racism, and misogyny.

Nik has teaching expertise in methodological and epistemological considerations from a feminist/intersectional perspective as well as practice based research. His courses have included teaching about societal questions and policy research.



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