Dr S. Lohse (Simon)

Assistant professor - Philosophy and Science Studies

Dr S. Lohse (Simon)
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Toernooiveld 5
Internal postal code: 77

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Postbus 9010

I am a philosopher of science interested in epistemic practices in the social and life sciences, also as they relate to policy (see simonlohse.com). My work focuses on epistemic pluralism and on questions at the intersection of philosophy of biomedicine, ethics and social studies of science. In my current research, I seek to better understand the potential and limitations of new developments in precision medicine and animal-based research in biomedicine, using an approach that is sensitive to the entanglement of conceptual, practical and societal issues.

I recently completed a project (funded by Volkswagen Foundation) that investigated how science informed public health policy during the COVID-19 pandemic and assessed normative implications for evidence-based policy. Key results of this project are a deeper understanding of sociological and epistemological inhibitors for interdisciplinary knowledge integration in this context and strategic starting points for improvement of the status quo.



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