Dr H.M.L. Mak MSc (Marloes)

PhD candidate - Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

Dr H.M.L. Mak MSc (Marloes)
Working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

After studying Neuropsychology at Utrecht University and working in Utrecht as a research and teaching assistant within the department of Communication- and Information Sciences, I came to Radboud University as a PhD candidate within the project of Roel Willems (The effect of sensori-motor and emotional simulation on aesthetic appreciation of literary narratives). I am currently studying the effect of mental simulation on reading behavior, by tracking people’s eye movements while they are reading fictional stories. Subsequently, I relate my findings from these eye movement data to differences between people in respect to how much they like the stories they read, the extent to which they feel absorbed into the story, their reading experience and their perspective taking ability. In a next step, I am planning to link my findings regarding reading behavior to the effect of mental simulation on brain activation, as measured with fMRI. In this way, I can connect so-called online measures (to measure some behavior while a person is executing this behavior) to offline measures (to measure the behavior after a person has finished executing this behavior), in reading research.


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